Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girl Again

Despite her fever being gone, I decided to bring Girl to the doctor because as I was laying next to her trying to get her to nap, I heard her lungs crackling again. Unlike in February, there aren't 50 bazillion people trying to see the doctor so they helpfully set up an appointment at the same time as Boy's allergy shots. Zip, zip, zip nice and simple, right?
Nope, my regular pediatrician was at an emergency c-section so we waited 20 minutes got called in for Boy's shots and then had to go out and wait another 20 minutes to see the other doctor. Then we went in, and waited FOREVER before he finally came in, freaked out and immediately ordered a respiratory treatment for Girl.
Then after the 15 minute treatment, we waited for him to come back and give us a prognosis, which is basically: Girl is bordering on pneumonia. She may have had it, if I waited another day or so, but I am a spaz so she doesn't. But we have to do at home breathing treatments for the next few day and hope and pray that it doesn't get worse. Luckily we still have "Puff the Penguin" from when she had RSV.
Still, I went to pick up her 3 different medicines (including the mist for "Puff") expecting to pay $45 and the pharmacist said "that'll be $75."
Holy frejoles! $75!!! It turns out the nebulizer juice was $45 all by itself! Plus, that was just our co-pay because on the nebulizer juice it says "Co-pay $45. Your insurance saved you $172.99." Thank Frieda Mr. H. works for a major insurance company, because who knows what it would have been otherwise.
I guess that's the major difference between the kids regular pediatrician and this other guy. Our regular doc knew us when we were on Medicaid and hesitates to give us expensive meds. This guy just gives us anything he can think of. I don't know which is better. I guess I'll make that judgement after I see how well these uber-expensive medicines knock out Girl's almost-pneumonia.

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