Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girly Kaboom

The jury is still out on Girl's uber-expensive medicine (see last post). She seems to be feeling better though she is still a phlegm bucket. A really, really awful side effect of the meds is that she is moody. Actually calling her moody is a vast understatement. I might go as far as saying bipolar.
Observe the following from the Animaniacs:

Now put this attitude on a four-year-old and you get the idea of where we are at with this medicine.

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Annie said...

The last few years the bronchitis thing has been beyond belief! I had it from September 23 until 2 weeks ago - from 4 different colds/flus... always turned into bronchitis. Drake and Declan are almost continuously congested... antibiotics, allergy meds... standard protocol - then finally breathing treatments... and then, thank God... SUMMER!!!!