Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my friend, cousin, and son's Godmother, Kelly. It's good to be 31 because no one dresses us alike anymore. Seriously, it's my first communion and you're wearing a white dress too, what's up with that?
Seriously though, Kelly was very religious around time, but her school made their first communion in third grade and mine made their's in second. So after they took this picture I was all "I'm holier than you now, hah hah!"

Happy birthday!

(and also, Hot Damn, do I have stupid hair!)

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Kelly said...

Wow! I made a blog! Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes! I think that was actually the dress I wore to Aunt Maria and Uncle Larry's wedding, but the medal that I see pinned on my dress was an attempt to be as holy as you. Great pic! It was devastating to make my communion in October...