Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Not A Patient Woman

A couple years ago my mom bought me a digital camera for my birthday. Six months later, it got stolen along with the rest of the contents of my purse. At the time she bought it, my mom was so impressed with my camera that she bought one just like it, and after mine was stolen, she let me use her old one.
However, I finally saved up enough money to buy one myself and I ordered it on April 3. Since then, I have gotten the battery, the case, and the memory card that I ordered at the same time, but no camera. Supposedly it is shipping on Friday and I should have it by the 23rd, but 20 days seems like an awful long wait for a camera. It's not like it's a computer that has to be built, you just take the box of the shelf and ship it.
Meanwhile, I've stopped taking pictures with my mom's camera, because I know how awesome my new one is. It was the same kind we had when I did PR at the hospital. Better than my old one. I can't wait. I keep checking to see if it has shipped and getting nothing. Grr.

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