Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Isn't This The Opposite of Organized?

If you know me, you'd know that I am very disorganized. Also, I'm somewhat of a slob, and a pack rat.
There was a period in my life post-living with Mr. Hobbitfeet, pre-homeownership that we moved every year trying to find the best possible place for us. In that time, we didn't keep anything. Whenever Boy stopped playing with a toy, it went to Goodwill. The problem with that is when Girl would like to play with those toys, we didn't have them anymore. There was also a fiasco when Mr. Hobbitfeet insisted he would only ever have a real tree at Christmas, so we sent it to Goodwill. Flash forward to three years later, we decided that since we are always traveling for Christmas, we shouldn't bother with a real tree and had to buy a new tree. So now I keep everything, and it's bad news.
Now I am taking this class about organizing you life and household management. Today I went to get the "supplies" I need for this class, which includes 50 bazillion index cards, index card dividers, a big box to keep it in, a bunch of little notepads, and a book.
So far this organization class is just contributing to my mess.

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