Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mr. Hanky Doesn't Just Come at Christmas!

Boy started swim team last week. For the first three weeks the swim team practices in the indoor pool at the university in our tiny town. Today, halfway through practice, someone discovered poop in the lane the rookies swim in. The lane that, since it's his first year, Boy swims in. They suspect the culprit to be one of the six year-olds, but who knows. We're not sure if they will be allowed back in.
Boy was skeeved out. He came home and showered, then I had to listen to a diatribe about the scientific ramifications of fecal matter, and a report of who in his class washes his hands after bathroom use.

All together there was too much poop in my conversations today.


LizB said...

I have a student who uses the word poop constantly. At first it was funny; now it's just weird.

Woodlandmama said...

Sometimes when my kids start fighting, I yell "poop" really loud and then they start laughing and the fight is avoided. So I like the word poop.
Though I could see how it would be annoying at school.