Saturday, May 31, 2008

True Tales of the Pool and More

Riding your bike to the pool seems like a good idea on the way there, but after spending four hours at the pool, it sucks. This is why: heavy wet towels and an overtired 4 year old, who wants to stay at the pool, make the bike trailer a million times heavier than when you came, and, hello, you just chased your kids around a pool for four hours, and not the good part that is warm and keeps you buoyant, but the crappy part that is ice cold, only comes up to your ankles and has various sprayers and buckets dumping really cold water on your head at random intervals.
I keep breaking out in hives when I am out in the sun. The only thing that prevents this is slathering on a very high SPF sunscreen every 20 mins. I'll be using a lot of sunscreen this summer.
I somehow melted my eye today when I accidentally got a sunscreen and chlorine combo in my eye. Even now after repeated risings, I am considering an eye patch, but then I'd have to get a parrot and a hook, and that seems like a lot of work.
On the kids side of things, Girl's been having an awesome time because her BFF, Gracie, was at the pool the last two times we went. Consequently, I have been able to talk to a grown-up who wasn't my husband, and that's been kind of nice.
Boy announced today that he lost seven pounds since Monday. I guess that's what happens when you do nothing but swim, tumble, bike ride, and do Taekwondo all day. Maybe I should sign up for his diet plan. Also, he wants you to know he has new glasses, which he thinks are more fashionable, and are NOT Harry Potter glasses (unlike his last pair which I made as Harry Potter-like as possible). Because there are things Boy wants everyone to understand that 1.) his hair is not black, 2.) his last name is not ironic, and 3.) he does not (under any circumstances) resemble Harry Potter. Keep that in mind.


LizB said...

Hives and sun - are you taking antibiotics? That happened to me, so I just thought I'd ask.

Woodlandmama said...

No antibiotics. Just my weird body revolting after too many years of not using sunscreen on my very pale skin.