Monday, June 23, 2008

A Different Time

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I would put a record onto my parent's turntable and jam. Not only would we sing and dance along, but we'd also act out the songs or albums. Sometimes there would be outfits or props. We'd dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller, the original soundtracks of Oliver, Annie, or the Sound of Music.
Like my sisters and I, my daughter loves singing and dancing along to music. She, however, is missing one thing. Mr. H. and I don't have a stereo. We have our computer with a better sound system than anything we could afford and we have speakers to hook up to our iPods, that's it.
Boy has a CD player (that he'd never share) and speakers for the iPod he bought himself.
So today I broke down and let my four-year-old daughter buy herself and iPod Shuffle. At first I felt bad about it. I kept thinking, "Why does a four-year-old need an iPod?" But all day long she has been singing and dancing all over the house, a happy as happy could be. So I remind myself that things are different than they were when I was little and deal with letting my daughter be very happy.

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