Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boring Post

Since our vacation, we've kind of been trying to last on very little until Mr. Hobbitfeet's next payday. Luckily it's today. So I was in desperate need of a snack, but there were none to be had so I decided to try and make hummus. We've had some dried chick peas in our cabinet for awhile, and I checked out the Internet and ran into some problems.
Every recipe I found was super complicated, but they all had the same basic ingredients so I decided to wing it. The results were pretty good. It isn't the best hummus I've ever had but it isn't even close to the worst either, and it works well with the Triscuts that my kids won't touch. I guess that I better replace the chick peas though for the next time we can't afford snacks.

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