Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet Willow!

For reasons too numerous to go into here, we got a cat. A six-week old kitten to be exact.
We decided to ignore my son's hatred of all things feline (and also his allergy-after all he's been getting shots for almost two years now) and buy a cat; and I have to say he's really taken to her.

Girl wanted to name her Sandy (after the dog in Annie) and Boy wanted to name her Miss Kitty Fantastico (which is from Buffy). To compromise we all agreed on Willow to keep with the Buffy theme (my dog is named Mr. Giles) and not end up naming our gray cat "Sandy." Plus Girl likes Willow (especially when she's on How I Met Your Mother, Girl says she's really funny then- she doesn't understand about acting).

Anyway Giles is jealous, and eats her food, and they fight (like cats and dogs-sorry), but I think they'll warm up to each other eventually.


La Sirena said...

Ooh, Willow is cute!

LizB said...

Adorable! I like the "peeking out from under the bed" pose best. :)