Sunday, June 29, 2008


So several months ago, when I decided to be home this summer, I told my son that he was going to take up a sport. Unlike his Taekwondo, he would be expected to actually compete against others in this sport, and tough toenails if he didn't like it. Life is about competition and you need to challenge yourself.

Boy responded to this the same way he does everything, "eep!"

So he has been getting up early Monday-Saturday to participate on our town's swim team. I think at first he hated it. Although he loves swimming, he's more about playing than swimming back and forth. His first day back from vacation he hated me, hated swimming and wanted to quit.

That said, yesterday Boy kicked ASS at yesterday's swim meet. He placed in all six events that he swam in and LOVES swimming.

Just another instance of why it pays to make Boy do stuff he is afraid of.

Oh, and also the opposing team was called the Nadiators and their caps inexplicably had the word "Nads" written across them. What were the team parents thinking of? Did they really, really not notice? I couldn't stop snickering and Mr. Hobbitfeet kept chanting, "Go! Nads! Go! Nads!" under his breath. Plus, 95% of the people wearing the caps were girls!

P.S.-This picture is not from his ass-kicking meet this is from the week before because before we left yesterday, I decided I would only end up with the same pictures as last week and didn't bring my camera (which is why there are no pictures of the Nad caps).


Pelmo said...

Message recieved; but...don't torture him in front of his grandmother! Love, His Grandmother

La Sirena said...

Always bring your camara because you never know when the nads will pop out...

Hurray for Iain!!!