Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Rather Amusing Day

I have been cracking up all day long.

Girl and I were talking about her baby cousin (who's 18 months old on Saturday) and she did air quotes like this:
Me: Well, Little D is a baby.
Girl: You mean a "baby."

It's her dad's fault. He is always doing air quotes ironically. She even said it with his tone. I could kick his butt.

Then we got the "WORLD'S UGLIEST RENTAL CAR" for our trip, a white Dodge Magnum. I have always hated white cars and this car looks like a giant stepped on a minivan. I've renamed it the Dorko car for my family because it is as ugly as an old fashioned rooftop turtle carrier that my family calls dorko boxes.

I also bought those vacuum storage bags and had a lot of fun watching all our stuff shrink down into little flat packages.

Then we bought Boy sunglasses that snap on to his glasses and he walked around with them on all night, so we renamed him Cory Hart and laughed at him saying he could look at our light bulbs now.

So now you now why I am nerd. I'll see you in a week and a half!

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