Monday, July 28, 2008

Feeling Broken

For the past I-don't-know-how-many years (I'd say 8 at least), I have been recording my periods on It's very handy. It figures out your cycle and emails you a couple days before you ovulate or before your period is due. It's really helpful for a girl who is bad at math.
When I got pregnant with Girl, the helpful calendar told me three days before I missed my period that I had seriously misjudged when it was okay not to care that we had run out of condoms (the site hasn't always emailed you when you were going to ovulate).
I introduced the site to a very innocent friend of mine when she wasn't having luck getting pregnant. Of course, due to her lack of education she never knew you could figure that stuff out. At any rate, the site helped her get pregnant with in a month. What I am saying is that it's effective.
So what's all this leading up to? I got my email that my period was expected in two days on Mr. Hobbitfeet's birthday. July 16th if you all want to send him presents next year. Anyway, I waited, restocked my supplies, and waited. Nothing!!
Now this is odd and frustrating because back when Girl was still not sleeping through the night (at 3), we decided we were very much done and Mr. Hobbitfeet got fixed (or broken as he likes to say). I later changed my mind, but that is another story for another day. The bottom line is these things should not happen.
But, I've heard enough stories about vasectomies gone awry to know I should have had it by now. So off I go to the store and pick me up some pregnancy test. I take one right away. Negative. I wait till the next morning (like your supposed too), negative. I wait a week, and start spotting, then stop. I wait till Sunday night, buy two more tests. I take one right away, negative. I wait till the morning, negative.
Mr. Hobbitfeet is not being very supportive. Maybe he doesn't understand that with a couple nine-month exceptions, I have had a little friend that has shown up very regularly on a monthly basis since I was two weeks away from my 12th birthday. I count on that friend. I love her and like her to come by (though honestly if she wanted to take another nine-month break I wouldn't say no).
But to have her go away with no explanation is freaking me out. I know that our friendship has a time limit, but I'm only 31. We have certainly not reached that limit yet! So Mr. Hobbitfeet says, "Whatever, go to a damn doctor." Yeah well that's easy for him to say. Our kids are on summer vacation. We only have aquaintances here. No babysitter options, so I can't fathom how I'll be able to do that before Girl is back in school, which I believe is still three plus weeks away.
My sister tells me via phone that I should by pennyroyal tea. But I opt instead to take two low-dose asprins figuring asprin is a blood thinner, it should get things moving, and I think it may have actually started working. At least I am spotting again. We'll see if that develops any more.
I am not saying that I will skip the doctor visits, but I feel like if I actually have my period it will be a lot easier to wait till the kids are in school than if I didn't.

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