Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, Guy! I'm Revoking Your Baby License!

The problems that I mentioned in my last post are progressing much better, though I definitely will head to the doctor once the kids are back in school.
But what I really want to talk about is bad parents. I really try not to judge other parents because I hate when I feel judged. That being said, I can't stop doing it. This is especially true when I see such idiocy as I saw earlier today.
Girl and I were headed home from tumbling class which is in the next town over and we were just slowing down to make a right turn. Now this is the first stoplight in town, which is radar controlled and very few people use the cross street. So although most people are no longer going 65 mph, they are going well above the 40 mph speed limit.
Anyway, as I am making this turn I see a 20-something year-old man crossing the main street (against the light) steering a BMX-type bike with one hand while balancing a toddler (maybe 1-2 years-old) on his hip. I seriously wanted to jump out of the car and take that baby away from him. This is the kind of thing that makes me want there to be tests and things for people to take before they're allowed to have kids.

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