Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Many Random Things That Make Up My Day

Boy and I went to the library yesterday and got some books. Today, while waiting the requisite half hour in the doctor's office after his allergy shots, (and because we were once again Girl-less) Boy and I were each reading our books. We both went into such deep book comas that neither one of us heard his name called (several times) and the nurse had to come tap us on the heads. What is it that they say about apples and trees?

Boy has decided that he likes Suzanne Vega (of Tom's Diner fame). So we were listening to the song Luka, and I found myself babbling about what it was about and I guess I don't really know. Is it child abuse? Is it about some one getting beat up by their boyfriend? Why was I talking about this with and 11 year-old?

My cat likes to ride around on our shoulders like a parrot, which makes my husband happy because he likes to pretend he's a pirate, a weird pirate with a kitten instead of parrot, but then again Mr. Hobbitfeet can't swim so he would never make a good pirate.

Sometimes (like right now) when I am laying on the couch the cat curls up on my shoulder. Only, since I am laying down, she's more on my chest than my shoulder so she looks like a furry flower accessory that Sarah Jessica Parker would wear in Sex and the City. So which is weirder, pretending you are a cat pirate or that you're starting a new trend of wearing giant cat flowers on your chest.

I should probably go to bed.

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