Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day Without Girl

This summer Girl was supposed to spend two and a half hours everyday at "Kiddie Kamp" which was basically just playing in the park with a teenager instead of Mommy. Not enough kids signed up, however, and it was canceled.
So it's pretty much been the Mommy and Boy show for Girl, where we have to entertain her all day, every day, which usually just ends with us spending four hours at the pool because that's the only way to keep her 95% happy. Neither Boy nor I have been too happy about it.
To remedy this, four days a week for the next two weeks Girl is spending her day at gymnastics camp. Even better than that, Mr. Hobbitfeet is picking her up.
Today was our first Girl-free day. We celebrated by watching Independence Day and Contact on cable and then a couple hours in the library.
It was nice to have a fight free day, and I know that Boy appreciated the Mommy time.
I didn't do too much today because I knew we had to get to a meet at five.
Tomorrow the cleaning starts.

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