Friday, July 11, 2008

A Post That Goes South Pretty Quick

I know that I am not posting like I used to post. Lately I've had longer and longer stretches where I've left the same damn thing up for a long time.
The truth is I have been writing posts, getting called away halfway through and I come back only to decide to not write that post because it's to whiny, boring, or bitchy. I've been spending too much time with my family and seeing very few people, I've found, has made me whiny, bitchy, and boring.

I do have a bajillion pictures. Some are from the 4th of July Parade that my kids walked in. Well, Boy walked the whole way, Girl got tired halfway through and ended up in the wagon that was meant to hold the extra candy with the two other Tiny Tigers whose parents were dumb enough to allow an under six to walk in the parade. A little boy, who I believe is under eight (because he was a Tiny Tiger not that long ago), pulled them despite many people (including the adult students) offering to pull the wagon for him.

I am glad that I took the wagon. The teacher had nothing but several one gallon buckets full of candy to toss. I suppose he though the kids would carry them, but I don't think they could have. The parade was two miles long, and they were the only ones that were going to walk it.

Quite frankly, I don't think the teacher thinks too much. He keeps trying to get us to fund raise for his for-profit school, and volunteer to help him build his new location, but none of these things will impact our children's education, they'll just help his business. I think that's fundamentally wrong (see there I go being bitchy).

So here they are at the parade.

Boy is still doing very well at swimming. His last meet (where the other team were uber-competative and kind of mean) He got three second place ribbons for the medley relay, the 50 breast stroke, and the freestyle relay, a fourth place for his 50 free, and a fifth place for his Individual medley. This Saturday we are going to an invitational which I imagine will take forever.

See I try to be nice, but I can't maintain it for very long. Maybe it's because the kids (who have always been in daycare or camp) are not used to spending so much time together and have done nothing but snipe at each other all summer long. I am looking forward to a break as Girl has eight days of tumbling day camp coming up and Boy will be spending time with his other Grandmother. Also school starts up again in one month and three days (not like I am counting or anything). Maybe I'll drum up a bit of goodwill by then.

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