Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Are We Teaching Her?

My four-year-old daughter is in love with my eleven-year-old son's best friend. In her words, she "love, love, loves him."

He's not to impressed with her though. She can't understand why she isn't invited over every time Boy is. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) he doesn't do all the same activities that Boy does.

There is, however, a boy who is in Taekwondo with the kids and is on Boy's swim team. So today she told me that she would "act like she was (name redacted)'s one true love, just until she was around (Boy's BFF) again."

She did too. She flirted, teased and played with him for the duration of the invitational (which lasted from 8 a.m. until we left early at 4 p.m.). He was great though, considering he's a thirteen year-old boy. He played, teased and flirted right back with her.

So I asked her if she liked him more than (Boy's BFF), and she said, "Oh, no! I just pretended to love him so he would play with me."


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