Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Evil Disney Machine

My daughter has entered the machine. Although she is only four and a half, she had been snagged and chewed up by the insipid Disney marketing machine. She only wants to watch Disney shows. While shopping for school clothes, she could not understand why I said "not a chance" to the Hannah Montana silver pants and gold shrug.
Until recently I was able to shield her from the evils of High School Musical, unfortunately I gave in to her pleas and let her watch both of those evil shows. Now the new pleas for HSM crap has begun. I swear there must some hidden brainwashing messages in their shows.
I want it to end. I need to throw my little wooden shoes into the Disney machine. The problem is I don't know how. How can you destroy something so important to your child just because you disagree with it on a philosophical level.
I legitimately banned Pokemon and other uber-violent shows from our home. A move that embittered my son, but it was violent so I felt justified. There is no violence in Disney shows, they're just horrifically annoying and very, very loud.
I guess you just have to step back and let it pass


jenboglass said...

Disney is everywhere. And you can't cut it off at the head either. He already did that and criogenically froze it.

But seriously, my son in only 3.5 and we have taken tremendous efforts to only have positive language around him. Do you have any idea how many Disney programs say the words "stupid", "idiot", "idiotic" and "dumb". When you pay close attention, it is startling!

Woodlandmama said...

Nope, I've never notice; however, they get exposed to that and worse at preschool so I am more interested in pointing out those words and telling her that they aren't nice. That way when the punks at her school (a nice Catholic school mind you) tell her that girls are stupid, she can say, "Yeah well boys say bad words." (True story).