Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Dodge Caliber with the Indiana plates,
The speed limit on Route 16 is 55 mph. That means that, while it is okay to go 50, you need to be in the right lane, not, as you believe, in the left lane. Also, when I moved over to the right lane to pass your slow ass and then you pulled into the right lane in front of me without signalling so that I had to pull back into the left lane quickly to avoid hitting your ugly, slow car, I was perfectly justified in flipping you off. You and your friend were certainly not justified in flipping me off, especially with an immature double flip off from each of you. You don't know how to drive, keep both hands on the wheel.
Also, further up the road, that was a turtle in the road. I did not slow down to mess with you (that time). So you speeding up to 75 to rush around me was unnecessary. Also, you killed a turtle, fuckhead.
Yes, after that you were a victim of my road rage, mostly because you were being an asshole. I sped up again to pass you. I also trapped you behind that truck on purpose, but what did you think taking a picture of me would accomplish? Anything that I was doing, you were guilty of doing as well. Plus, I never went over 10 miles over the speed limit. You can not say the same. Also, you cut off several drivers to catch me that last time.
And just so you know, I wrote down your license plate number too, turtle-murderer!

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