Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Which I Get Some Reading Done

Boy and Girl love the library. In my town it used to be tiny. A little building built long ago. Maybe Lincoln and Douglas debated there (they didn't but they did everywhere else in my town apparently). A couple years back the town put a library expansion and I heartily voted yes even though it involved tearing down a bunch of rental properties and (I found out later) a beautiful old tree.
I miss that tree. I don't understand why they didn't just move it. They didn't cut it down. They pulled it out by it's roots and THEN crunched it up with a bulldozer (or something I don't know trucks). The point being that in addition to buying a bunch of new books, they built a huge addition on to the library. This makes me happy. Even if the loss of the trees breaks my heart.

"Grr. . .I will eat you!"
(this isn't the biggest, most beautiful of the trees).

At any rate, Boy and Girl are at the age where I can drop them off in the kids' area and run upstairs to grab some books for myself. I rarely remember to look at reviews of books, or to grab the list of books I want to read. My style of picking books mostly involves me walking through the fiction section and grabbing a few books that jump out at me. (Yes, I am judging books by their cover, you got a problem with that?) I grabbed four, but have only gotten through two. Ah, such is the life of a mom. Neither of the two I read are more than fluff, but fluff can be fun.

The first was You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore. I picked this one because of the name. It's about new vampires trying to survive without really being killers. I thought it was funny and enjoyed the other characters in the book immensely.

The second was Outside Valentine by Liza Ward. I admit I picked it up just because like me, her name was Liza. The first time I sat down to read it, I couldn't follow it well, but then I was trying to sneak it in as we were watching the Olympics. I almost gave up on it, but gave it one last shot when my mom had the kids and enjoyed it. It's about the repercussions of a murder spree that happened long ago. I liked that we didn't see the whole story from one person's perspective.

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