Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lessons Mom

Girl has become obsessed with "lessons."
While these do not need to be professionally taught she wants lessons in EVERYTHING. Obviously Mr. H. can't be counted on to teach her sports as he seriously injures himself playing mini-golf.
So I've been working on imparting every bit of wisdom on any activity that I can think of to my four-year-old.
Friday we worked on rollerskating, skateboarding, basketball, and tennis.
I can rollerskate, although I haven't done it since I was in eighth grade. Mostly my knowledge of skating was involved in skating around Scottsdale Roller Rink for our monthly, grade-school, Roller Skating Parties.
Since there were no large carpeted mushrooms to sit on Girl and I sat on the bleachers outside of the outdoor roller hockey rink. I strapped on her Barbie "My First Skates" and the Skechers Four-wheelers that I bought several years ago during the two-week period where boy wanted to learn skating.
I pulled Girl to the rink, with her sobbing all the way, "I'm scared Mommy!" She was wearing knee pads and a helmet and her skates only rolled one way. Worms on the sidewalk were in more danger than she was. But we tried and she whined all the time because she didn't have skates like mine. She completely ignored my teachings and didn't want to hear that she could have real skates when she was good on hers. 10 minutes after begining we were done with roller skating. We hadn't even made it an eighth of the way around. Next up skateboarding.
Honestly, skateboarding was our biggest success of the day. The summer before both Freshman and Sophmore year of high school, my cousin and I spent the summer as skater boy groupies. Hell we even got arrested for them (remind me to tell you that story again later). Sadly though I haven't picked up much from watching those boys slide over parking blocks and attempt to flip their boards under them. I know how to get it to go, turn, and the proper way to pick up your board (by stepping on one end hard enough to knock the other into the air and catch it). This is the extent of my skater knowledge, but Girl really seems to be picking it up. I figure once she gets those down she can pick the rest of her need-to-know information the same way those boys did, by practicing endlessly in the parking lots of banks and White Hens. We worked on this for nearly an hour. She said it was boring, but she didn't give up. She even managed to skate across the hocky rink (the small way across) but there may have been a small slope and she may have gotten a couple pushes t help out her little foot pushes. At any rate she didn't fall at all and even managed a small turn. Lessons learned.
Next up basketball. Basketball is one of the few ball sports I know how to play, and though I might not be very good, I know the fundementals enogh to get her well on the way. I showed her how to dribble and even how to switch hands, but we got in trouble when I tried to get her to look at me instead of the ball. But we only made it through fifteen minutes and a lot of that was on the slide so there wasn't much learning involved.
Finally tennis. Tennis is one of Boy's sports, which may be why Girl likes it. I have no knowledge except for what I picked up my last semester of P.E. my Junior year of high school, but we swatted the ball a little and that was good enough for Girl.

So Girl had enough "lessons" to be happy. I was freaking tired. Honestly sometimes Mothering should and Olympic sport.

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