Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To School

Girl finally went back to school today. She was so excited yesterday she could barely stand it. She also decided she was big enough (now that she's in four year old preschool) to make her own lunch, take her own bath, pick out her own clothes, etc. She did, however, accept help with a lot of it.

I had to veto a lot of very interesting outfits, until I finally asked her what was the most important part of her outfit, and we'd build around it. In the end, we stuck with the styles she picked out, but with more matching colors.

She was very excited about wearing a scooter (a skirt with attached shorts underneath), a pair of knee socks (this is a matchy as any of her knee socks get), and her butterfly t-shirt. She originally picked her bright yellow scooter, and maroon and black striped knee socks. I felt this was a good compromise.

Also, if you look at her hair, you may see what is left of the curls she so desperately wanted today. After her bath last night I walked in her room to find her sticking the curlers that her aunt, Meander gave her, which were more stick in your hair and blow dry, than sleep in curlers. So I pulled out my sleeping curlers and put them in her hair. Unfortunately her hair is too damn short for curlers and all but one fell out during the night. So this morning I sprayed out her kinks and put in a couple braids with her rainbow-sparkly barrettes. Thus her awesome first day of school outfit was completed to her satisfaction. I guarantee that when Mr. Hobbitfeet picks her up at 3 p.m., her shirt will be stained, the socks will be rolled down to her ankles, and the barrettes will be lost forever (unless her new teacher is as thoughtful as her old one and puts them in her book bag). I am not sure why she loves knee socks so much because she always rolls them down until she looks like Olive Oyl.

And just so you don't think that I only love Girl, here is a picture of Boy on his first day (last Thursday).

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Jane said...

They are beyond cute.