Thursday, August 7, 2008

Superpowers, Un-broken Ankles, & A Girl Who Learned to Fly

This afternoon at lunchtime I was watching a Scrubs rerun and my daughter came in to tell me something. She heard J.D. do that voice over thing and started freaking out! "Mom! Mom! I just read that guys mind! Mom! Mom! Did you hear what he was thinking!?" Of course I said, "no," because, frankly, I am a terrible mother. Then she got REALLY EXCITED and said "I must have super powers!" Then Boy walked in and ruined it all by telling her what was going on. Is it wrong that I was pissed at him?

Thankfully, Mr. Hobbitfeet has not broken his ankle though looking at it is pretty painful. He, as you may have noticed by his pseudonym, has weird feet to begin with. For the most part, he is not a hairy guy. He couldn't grow a beard, moustache or even high-school-boy fuzz, but comparatively his feet are really hairy, and large. Now the heel of his right foot makes it look as though he's wearing bruise colored sandals and his ankle is about the size of his calf.
The doctor recommends that he get an MRI if the swelling doesn't go down, but she also said to stay off of it. Since he's not doing the one, I doubt he'll do the other. Short of tying him to a chair with his foot elevated, I don't know how to make him sit down already.

Girl learned how to run and jump into the pool today. She did it fifty billion times. Afterward she told me she did it so much because it felt like flying. I love that she is so dedicated to getting a super power.

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