Monday, September 29, 2008

Alvin or Simon he's not.

My garden, my house, and my cat are under attack.

He is evil. He is fast. He is focused, and he might be a she.

The little terror has torn up all of my flower beds in search of delicious tulip bulbs.

He had made my cat go insane with rage and hunting desires.

He is pissing me off.

But what do you do with a chipmunk when you feel horrible about killing other living creatures?

I am aware that I eat meat, but I do that for sustenance. Killing something so I can have pretty flowers next Spring just seems mean.

I let my cat out this morning so she could have at it. She mostly peed on it's tunnels and stuck her arm fruitlessly down the holes. I am thinking of renaming her Elmer Fudd.

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