Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breaking Her Mommy's Heart Since 2003

Sometimes as a mom you have these moments with your kids that just rip your heart out. It's possible you have these moments as a dad too, but I can only tell you what it's like from my side of the fence. Also, when I tell Mr. Hobbitfeet these things, he laughs at me which leads me to suspect that men are heartless and a little mean. Again, I only base this on my experience so if you are a dad, I get that you might not be heartless and mean, but come on, you are.
At any rate I had to of these instances today.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Girl stays home with me. Tuesdays used to be horrible. We had a whole day of not a whole lot and then after 3:30 p.m. we were running around crazy trying to fit in Boy's swim team practice, Girl's gymnastics class, and then Girl's swim lessons. All this took place the next town over so we weren't getting home again until 7:15 p.m. Since Girl is 4 and she has school the next day, her bed time is supposed to be 7:30, and we still had to get dinner in her, and Girl hates eating dinner.
Obviously this system wasn't working, so after the last session of swim classes finished we switched her to private lessons on Tuesday mornings. Today was the first day of the new schedule and the plan was for Mr. Hobbitfeet to pick her up after gymnastics and take her home while I stayed with Boy at his swim team practice.
It worked well until I was leaving gymnastics to head back to the YMCA. I pulled out of the lot and suddenly heard this heart-stopping scream. I look in my mirror to see Mr. H. running after the car. I seriously thought I had run over my daughter.
What actually happened was, Girl had been practicing cat's cradles all day with a piece of string, that she had left in the car when she went in to gymnastics. When she realized the string was still in my departing car, she screamed, escaped her father's grip and chased my car. The reason I only saw Mr. H. as he chased her was that she was too damn short to even be seen from my Honda Civic. I had a heart attack, but Mr. H. got her damn string. Awesome.
Later as I was singing her her four goodnight songs, she did it to me again. Usually when I sing her songs she'll say something like, "princess songs tonight Mommy," and I'll bust out my memorized Disney songs. Sometimes she wants Annie songs, or occasionally Dr. Horrible. Tonight she wanted me to pick, so I started with Baby Don't You Cry (the pie song from Waitress), transitioned smoothly into Baby Mine (from Dumbo), and then blanked on a soft slow song so sang Me and Bobby McGee, changing the words so I said her name in place of Bobby's like I have since she was a baby.
That brought it on. For the first time ever, Girl realized what it meant when I said, "One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let her slip away," and started bawling. Inconsolable she started this sad story about how three of us (Me, Boy, and Girl presumably) would go on vacation leaving the other three (again I am presuming, Mr. Hobbitfeet, Mr. Giles, and Willow) at home. Then she would really miss them. Her heart was broken. She cried for a long time before I was able to cheer her up with some Dr. Horrible. Uggh. Kids.

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