Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad Mommy

My daughter is in private school for preschool. More specifically she's in Catholic preschool. At the beginning of the year we got our "parent contract" where we had to pick three things we'd like to do for service hours. Then we had to rate them 1, 2, and 3 so that they could force help us volunteer for the activity best suited for us.
Last year I volunteered for the library. I want to go back to school to become a librarian so I thought it would be good practice. That was until I discovered I was the only person that would be working in the library and that when I wasn't there, the library wasn't closed. Every Wednesday I walked in to find a mountain of books on the desk, all the shelves in disarray, several new books to hand write into the system and only four hours to get it all done.
I didn't volunteer for the library this year.
This year I volunteered to create the school calendar that is supposed to go out with the student directory. I figured that I have desktop publishing experience and Microsoft Publisher, which while a far cry from the QuarkXpress, is a doable program.
Let me tell you, when you get used to a user friendly program like QuarkXpress, going back to publisher is like trying to play the original Super Mario Bros. again after years on current gaming platforms. Have you ever done that?
Don't get me wrong I love me some NES, but it's hard to play Super Mario Bros. now. If you miss something, that's it. You can't go back. Games now you can wander all over the place. The original SMB just goes one direction.
My point here is that the calendar is not going well.
It didn't help that this afternoon, a smug mom called me this afternoon because she finished the directory and wanted to know where I was at with the calendar. Damn it if all I had to do was input the information for under 150 students into Excel, I would have been done already too.
I suck! Better get back to work.


lisaschaos said...

This does not sound like fun at all! You need more kids so you can say that you can't volunteer for anything because the little ones need you and hubs is working and you're really sorry. :)

Rayne said...

I can not express my sympathies enough for you.
Publisher does suck. Very, very, much!
Smug efficient super moms suck even more.
I had no idea I was supposed to pick a new host for Fun Monday. Should I do it again this Monday and then make sure I ask for a new host? I emailed Lisa, too, to make sure that I got to someone and didn't get to far behind.