Friday, September 12, 2008

Pictures of Me Friday

It is Friday right? I've already been asked what I've been smoking so I thought I'd show you the most embarrassing picture of me that exists

Yeah, that's a seven year old me at my first communion. That's one of my mom's brothers rocking in the foreground and my Catholic school girl uniform hanging up on the right. Why it's in the garage, at my first communion party is beyond me. I'll counteract this awful picture with my favorite picture of me.

This is me sophomore year of high school. Damn, I love me in this picture. But I'm way too hot for my date. What a nerd! And, I stole him from my friend, that's what makes it worse. I had to get her a date with my best guy friend just so she wouldn't hate me.

Then I do one more picture that more shows the real me.
This is me with my first car. I shared it with my sister, and it smelled like coconuts the entire time we had it because the guy we bought it from hid coconut air fresheners everywhere. But, I still kind of dress like that. Isn't that pathetic?


Cameron said...

So, what are you smoking? :) That first cummunion picture is priceless....I'm diggin the shorts ;)

Woodlandmama said...

Unfortunatly nothing. Too bad though, it might help me get to sleep.
Give me a break it was 1984(ish) don't my shorts go well with the red sweater?

Cameron said...

Indeed....looks like you were quite stylish back in the day. Well anyway, it looks like you grew out of the ackward phase....I'm hoping to grow out of mine any day now.