Sunday, September 7, 2008

Willow and Dell: A Love Story (Fun Monday)

I am hosting this week, and the assignment was to write the 1st paragraph of an unusual love story. I admit it was hard, but I am look forward to seeing the results.

Willow would never forget the day he arrived. He came in a large box. Normally when a new box comes, all she could think about was climbing in and exploring the dark recesses; however, when she saw his shiny coat, she was intrigued. They rubbed the thing in certain places and he opened up even further. She couldn't keep her cat eyes off of him. He had a glow about him, and purred strangely when petted, almost a rhythmic clicking. She had to get closer, to really, truly know him. He seemed to welcome her advances. Oh, yes, he was a keeper.

Thanks to all the participants make sure you check out their love stories:

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Jo Beaufoix
Hootin' Annie
lil mouse
Robin (Pensieve)
Margaret (Mama Drama)
Min (Mama Drama)
Stephanie (Mama Drama)

Rayne **Next Week's Host!**
Becca (Becca couldn't participate after all, swing by though and wish her luck on her emergency surgery)
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IamwhoIam said...

What lovely eye Willow? has and what is it that she could love?

Fun guessing game we have going

Rayne said...

What a fun story.
May I host next week? I'll just need to know how to do it.

Mariposa said...

This is fun...count me in, but will post mine in the afternoon as I have read the assignment just now!

P.S. Has anyone volunteered to host FM next week? If none yet, I'd love to host it!

Anonymous said...

I would like to join in on this FM. So count me in. I will post in a when I can.

Faye said...

I'm with Willow! It wouldn't be hard to fall in love with Laptop Dell--although studgy old stationary Dell is widdly jealous as I type this. He's threatening to shut down in a sulk? What must I do?

Anonymous said...

What a pair! Willow appears to be quite comfortable right there in Dell's lap.

grace said...

He truly is a keeper, mine happens to be a true story...sorry, but a very different true story. Thanks for hosting, loved it

lisaschaos said...

AH, Willow is precious! And how nice of you to but her a laptop to love. :) Thanx for hosting. :)

Alison said...

I love it!! I love my laptop also and your Willow is absolutely can send him to me anytime!!

Thank you for hosting and I must apologize now for breaking the rules!!!

Gattina said...

and then they got married and lived happily together in your house with a lot of kittens, yes ???

Hootin' Anni said...


[first cute, cute kitty!]

Secondly, this story is a KEEPER. Love it.

Mine is more than one paragraph....I couldn't make myself stop. I was on a roll!

Thanks for hosting.

{i}Post said...

Oh, Lord, how cute is that! Love how you gave subtle clues before you showed the picture!

swampy said...

What a cutie !

Thanks for hosting this week. I have to admit, I didn't have much time to spend on my Love Story, as you could tell...mostly just photos. But, at least I did try to follow your rules which is more than I usually do.

See you in the funny papers you silly monkey !

Sayre said...

Oh, how cute!

My story is not nearly as cute as yours - being spun out of weird hallucenogenic dreams... I finally got it up!

Woodlandmama said...

IamwhoIam- Her eyes are lovely, though they've changed color now that she's been growing.

Rayne-It's not as easy as it looks, but you're welcome to host if you want!

Mariposa- Thanks for the late entry. Rayne beat you to it).

Olive- Thanks for the entry. And welcome! We don't let her sit on his lap anymore, she's much bigger now.

Faye- It might be easier for ME to love Dell if he didn't come equiped with Vista!

Grace- glad you're having fun!

Lisachaos- That wass the bit of fiction. The laptop came first.

Alison- We like Willow too, sorry you can't have her (except maybe at 3 a.m.)

Gattina- Robot kittens how'd you guess?

Hootin' Anni, Sayre and {i} Post- Thanks!

Swampy- Oh Dear! Are you allergic?

Robin (PENSIEVE) said...

I started to go with a "traditional" love story, but everything I could think of sounded so conventional.

How fun that you chose the route you did! I love the piccha to go with your furrily sweet.

Thanks for hosting and for visiting my post already!

Jo Beaufoix said...

It's been a mad weekend so I'm working on this now and will get it up asap. Can't wait to read the results.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Willow is adorable, and Dell is pretty cute too. Brill idea for this weeks Fun Monday. Thanks for hosting. :D

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

I'm a sucker for the fuzzy babies!! And my fuzzy baby Phydeaux, at the age of 14, still loves my computer!

TxGambit said...


What a great Fun Monday topic.

Team Gherkin said...

I had a go too. Here's mine:
Thanks so much. i enjoyed it :)

Mal :)

Woodlandmama said...

Robin- I thought you did great and thanks!

Jo Beaufoix- I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Stephanie- kojmmy88ffffe55aq1 Sorry my cat walked across the keyboard.

TxGambit- Thanks.

Team Gherkin- I am glad you're giving it a go and I'll put you up on the front page.

ChrisB said...

I may not have joined in this week but am enjoying the ones I hav eread so far

BeeDancer said...

I've been following Fun Monday for a while now and would like to join in. If Rayne is hosting can she add me to the list please. Thanks!