Monday, October 13, 2008

11 Years of Halloween

So, I'm supposed to be making a Dr. Horrible costume for Boy and a fairy costume for Girl. Instead I am stalling like crazy and am presenting an eleven year retrospective of my children's Halloween costumes.

This is Boy's first Halloween (1997). He was the cutest little dragon in the kingdom.

Boy with his Godmother, K. in 1998. I think it's self-explanatory.

1999- A Jedi Master. This was taken after trick-or-treating. Always take pre-t-or-t photos.

In 2000 I was working for the Chicago Cultural Center organizing their annual Halloween party. The theme was Wizard of Oz for the 100th Anniversary of the book that Baum wrote while living in Chicago. I was Dorothy and Boy was Toto. Too bad he wouldn't look at the camera and too bad blue gingham isn't very flattering on me.

2001- Boy was Harry Potter and won a Harry Potter look-a-like contest. That little white thing is a mini-Hedwig which he carried instead of a wand. Boy loves animals.
2002- He was a turtle. The girl is my friend's daughter. They trick-or-treated together for the bulk of our years in Chicago.

2003- Girl's first Halloween, a short eight days after she was born. Everything was store bought this year because I was tired and uncomfortable all through October because of the 9+ lb. baby inside of me (and PUPPP). Girl was a butterfly and Boy was Frodo, note the furry feet (a nod to Mr. Hobbitfeet)

2004- Our first Halloween downstate. Boy was a generic wizard (not Harry Potter at all) and Girl was a Fall Fairy. She had a nice pointy hat too that was my big thing that year. The night after the town parade, we found out Girl had Pneumonia so she missed trick-or-treating, but won the Under 3 costume contest.

2005- A velvet ant and a purple Unicorn. I made both of these, but the velvet ant was almost impossible.

2006- Dorothy and a Bionicle. Boy really wanted me to make his Bionicle costume but I refused as I was still recovering from the velvet ant, but I made Girl's though in this picture it is mis-shaped because of the many layers she was wearing under the outfit.

And finally 2007. Boy was (clearly) Luigi and Girl wanted with all her heart to be Wonder Woman. I gave in and bought Wonder Woman because, come on, that costume was awesome. Boy won 2nd place in the 10-12 costume contest. 1st place went to the parade director's niece in a very lame store-bought fairy princess dress. Lame!

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Rayne said...

Nepotism at a kids halloween costume contests? That just sucks!
On the other hand, that wonderwoman costume is fantastic! Love the boots!