Friday, October 10, 2008

My Worst School Picture

October is the time of school pictures. In honor of that, I present my absolute worse school picture ever! I have been cleaning my mom's house, and I stumbled across this gem and decided that it needed to be shared. I believe that this was my 1st grade picture which would make it about 1983.
There are so many, many things wrong with this picture, the hair that may have been cut by a lawn mower, the missing teeth (that may have been cute if I had smiled instead of saying cheese) and the dress. Oh, Lord that dress! It was something that was bought (and inexplicably dyed brown) for my stint as a flower girl in my Aunt C.'s wedding but was then rejected when they found much cuter flower girl dresses. The whole picture is made even worse by the fact that it comes just one year after one of my favorite school pictures- kindergarten:

On the whole, my school pictures were not horrible (first grade not withstanding), however, I have had some odd fashion choices like in 3rd grade when I am indistinguishable from Bobby Brady or in 5th grade when I wore a silk, kimono-style shirt, or in 6th grade when I wore a shirt with a giant cow on it. You can wait with baited breath for these gems.

Oh and can I just say, "Damn! I had me some big ole ears!"


La Sirena said...

Sorry -- but you totally loved that weird barf- colored, accordion-pleated chiffon dress.

On a somewhat unrelated note, that's the dress I picture when I read/hear the word "organza". I have no idea if that's what organza is ... but that's what I picture.

Rayne said...

Love the photo. I have one just like it of myself. Haircut and all!
Do post the giant cow pic! I want to see it!