Monday, December 29, 2008

Bucket Hats, Blue-Nosed Reindeer, and Things That Aren't Meant to be Kept

Several years ago, my son's other grandma gave me a Christmas scrapbook. Having nothing better to do with such a gift, I started sticking all the Christmas cards I received, some funny Christmas artwork that my kids did and Santa pictures in it.
This ends up being something that cracks my family up year after year. You see, most people expect that Christmas cards will be tossed out, or maybe they don't know they do it, but people tend to have similarities in their Christmas cards year after year.
Like I have three of the exact same blue-nosed reindeer cards, two of which came frome the same person on different years. We also have evidence that Mr. Hobbitfeet's good friend loves bucket hats. Four out of Five of his Christmas cards feature several different pictures of his two girls in different bucket hats, and if you go back to the year they sent us a card before they had kids, you'll see him in a bucket hat.
Of course you get your other similarites like who always sends picture cards and who always sends newletters, who always sends pictures of their kids with Santa and who does whole family shots. The scrapbook also helps you remember who absolutely needs to get a Christmas card and who you should write little notes to.
But what I like the most is that you get to see the progression of your loved ones families. First you see the couple cards from the year they got married, then one little baby that keeps growing and becomes two, then maybe two and a pregnancy announcement and then three and so on.

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~sWaMpWiTcH~ said...

I have boxes full of old Christmas cards and just love to do what you've just written about.
And what you say, it's true.
Happy New Year.