Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

I am one of those weird people who hate New Year's Eve. Just so you know, I hate the 4th of July too. I must have something against holidays with fireworks. Anyhow, for my super fun New Year's Eve this year I watched too much Battlestar Galactica on my laptop while Girl watched Hannah Montana on the tv. Then at 8 p.m. Mr. Hobbitfeet, Girl, and I put on stupid hats and celebrated 5 year old New Year. We drank Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice in champagne flutes, blew store bought party horns, and banged on pots with wooden spoons. Then Mr. H. and I sang Auld Lang Syne while Girl looked at us like we were nuts. Boy has been at his other Grandma's since the day after Christmas.
Then we put Girl to bed and Mr. H. followed about an hour and a half later. I then watched more Battlestar Galactica until midnight when I woke up Mr. H. and made him kiss me.

Whoo hooo! Do I know how to party or what!?

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