Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love You!

I've recently been warping my daughter. When she leaves a light on in a room she no longer uses, I ask, "Girl, don't you love the polar bears?" She will then drop whatever she's doing, snap off the light and say, "Yes, mommy, I love them a lot."
I'm horribly mean.
So back in October when the preschoolers in my daughter's small-town, right-wing, Catholic preschool started telling my daughter that our new president kills babies or whatever the crap of the moment was that their parents were spewing, I set her straight on the baby thing and informed her that we were voting for Obama because he loves polar bears.
I don't have proof of that obviously. I've never seen him wearing an "I Heart Polar Bears" t-shirt, but he is pro-saving the environment.
My daughter doesn't see the environment as a whole. She loves cute, fuzzy polar bears, and knows that they are dying out because that's what her big brother told her. So in our house, recycling, energy conservation, what have you is all a dedicated effort to save the polar bears for our princess.
So today I turned off Dora and made my preschooler watch President Obama being sworn in, and when it was over she turned to me and said, "It sure is nice to have a president that loves polar bears like me."
And I whole-heartedly agreed.


Anonymous said...

This is a great posting....why not post it in bizzaro world too.

La Sirena said...

This is for my fairy goddaughter.

I hope she's feeling better.

Good post.