Thursday, January 1, 2009


As a New Year's treat Mr. Hobbitfeet made one of my favorite dinners, med.-rare steaks with cauliflower, potatoes, and garlic bread. Mr. H. and I were eating it with left over cheapy champagne and Girl had leftover Welch's sparkly grape juice. Probably not the right drinks for steak but yummy none the less.
Still no Boy though he's made the transfer from his biological father's family to my sister's which makes me feel like he may at some point be back under my roof. Now I just need to wait for my mom to bring him home on Saturday.
I can't wait, mostly because I hate not having him around all the time, but also it would be really nice to not have to be Girl's only playmate. Also, Mr. H. forgot about the lack of a person and got three big steaks instead of two, Girl and I only managed one between the two of us leaving a large steak for Mr. H.'s lunch tomorrow. . .maybe he did that on purpose.

At any rate, I had a much better New Year's Day than I had a New Year's eve. Despite the number of Barbies, or games of Pretty, Pretty Princess and Guess Who that I played.

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