Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Rant on the State of My Woods

Last Sunday, as Mr. Hobbitfeet and Girl cleaned up the backyard, I took advantage of my newly healed knee to explore the acre (more or less) of hills and trees behind our house that qualifies as ours. This was pretty stupid as it was a drizzly, muddy day and our hill slopes directly down to a ravine that fills with water when it rains. I managed to stay out of the swiftly running water but I had a hard time climbing back up because of the mud. I was wearing gym shoes instead of my hiking shoes, because I'm a little on the dim side and in the end had to get back up the hill using the trees like stairs, narrow, oddly-spaced stairs. But I did make several discoveries.

1. Kids like to drink in my backyard, which isn't all that surprising. I found several pieces of a Styrofoam cooler, several empty beer cans and a few pop bottles filled with a suspicious, amber liquid.

2. I do not want Girl and Boy going into the woods without an adult, even when they are older. There is a scary looking standpipe with no lid and some sort of run-off drain that looks pretty scary. They give me visions of Baby Jessica.

3. I hate my neighbors (the ones that live behind me, the couple who live next door on the northside of us are very nice.) First of all their house is new construction, very clearly because it doesn't match the architecture of our 1980's subdivision, and it's ridiculously large (as new construction houses are wont to be), but the built it directly on the edge of their side of the ravine so if the hill erodes at all, bam!, they lose half their house. Also, they throw trash into the ravine. THEY THROW TRASH INTO THE RAVINE!!! That's their backyard, what the hell is wrong with them? Why would you buy a house in the woods if you had no respect for them. Go live next to a landfill and stop throwing your plastic junk into my woods. It is clearly them because you can see random trash sliding down their side of the hill from a door at the back of their house. Also, now that the trees are bare, I can look out my window and see that every light in their house is on all night long. The wastefulness makes me insane. Plus, there is nothing, NOTHING, I can do about it. Even if I complain about the trash, it won't change anything. ARRGH!

Sorry, I didn't mean to go into such a long rant, but those people just irritate me.

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