Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dirty Little Secret

Well not all that dirty, or secret for that matter.

I drink water almost exclusively with the occasional harder drink mixed. For the most part it's just water though, and since that is the case, I have become a water connoisseur of sorts and am particular about the type of water I drink. Not that I turn my nose up at tap water or anything, but I am able to tell the difference between different waters, which inspires a lot of disbelief but it's true.

So anyhow, I hate the water that we have at work, out of the taps, water fountains, or in the cafeteria (which is really just cold tap water). It has a gritty metal taste, but I also can't go eight hours without drinking water, so I bring bottled water to work.

I hate having to bring bottled water to work because my work doesn't recycle and that adds up to a lot of plastic in the landfills. So I have taken to tossing the bottles in my personal drawer at work and taking them home with me for recycling when the drawer gets full, but then my personal drawer looks like this:

Once on one of my days off, my boss went looking for something and opened that drawer (and at the time there was about half as many bottles in there) and she told me she laughed for about an hour. Whatever, give me a full days worth of drinkable water and recycled plastic bottles and save your opinions for yourself.

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