Thursday, January 4, 2007

Filling the world with silly love songs, one post at a time.

Despite my sister's views to the contrary, I do believe in soul mates. I may not think there is only one, but it does happen. I think I was lucky enough to have it happen to me. Is there another guy out there that likes monkeys and pirates as much as I do? Maybe, but will he also belt out the Banana Boat song in front of a roomful of strangers (to him, but my relatives) at my request? Doubtful especially if he sings as poorly as Mr. Hobbitfeet does.
Is there another guy out there who would fall in love with a TV show that I watch (that he previously ridiculed) simply because of one line, and then proceed to learn everything about it and talk about it with me at length? I'm not sure about that one.
Is there another guy out there who would take the bus crosstown on a cold February day to buy a didgeridoo because he thought it was the world's best gift, and then never get hurt when I constantly talk about it as the worst gift ever?

I am sure I'd never find those qualities in anyone else, but I seem to need them in my man. Along with his ability to recognize my semi-critical, semi-sarcastic sense of humor as humor and not an attempt to undercut his self-image, and to laugh off my bossiness and not take it too personally. So kisses to my soulmate, now that I've written out my faults, I know no one else would have me.
Now make me a turkey pot pie bitch!

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Jane said...

Ah, Liza, you almost had me...but I did keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I do agree with are both quite lucky, er, sorry Fr. Bob; blessed. Mom