Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stick an needle................EVERYWHERE!

I think that one of the worst things about working in a hospital, is that you must have needles stuck in you on a regular basis. First you must have yearly T.B. tests, then flu shots, and then people come around every five weeks to guilt you into donating blood. At least they always bug me; they want my liquid, O+ gold. God, how often would they bug me if my positive was negative?

Today, though, it was the T.B. test. Next week is the blood drive.

I am a person not a pin cushion!

Sigh, I guess that is not actually true. I am a person, and as long as I am here, I am also a pin cushion.


Jane said...

...but you are a very cute pincushion...and also a very good wife & mother....so when am I invited over for turkey?????????

Woodlandmama said...

When you cook it your ownself!