Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hark! I Hear the Canons Roar! Is It the Spring Approaching?

I've covered this topic before, but this year my March-madness has set in earlier than ever. I feel spring welling up inside of me the way kids start feeling Christmas the day after Halloween. I feel it coming, and my whole person is just vibrating with it. SPRING!!!
I could never move to warmer climates. As much as it sucks spending time in below-freezing weather, I need this pre-spring feeling. It's like a drug to me. Twiterpation-anticipation.
It never translated quite as well when I was living in Chicago. Spring doesn't pop there like it does here. May could be here and no leaves, no leaves, no leaves, and then suddenly fully developed leaves and you didn't see how they got there.
But, oh man do I love my town as Spring comes to call.
Slowly, the leaves bud and take shape as light-green mini-leaves. All the flowering trees get flowers, and OH, THE DOGWOODS!
I don't know if there is a finer tree than a flowering dogwood. If I want to believe in some superior being with a plan for us, I just look at the amazingness of a flowering dogwood in spring. Their flowers are strong and sturdy. You could shake a dogwood branch HARD and the petals won't fall off. But they are also so pretty, just the right color pink, or a nice cream. My yard is FULL of dogwoods. (The dogwoods on my header are mine, I took that picture!)
In addition to the trees, just the greenness of everything. Also walking in the woods. I don't know how anyone will ever get me away from here. And it's almost March; it's almost HERE!
I've decided I am going to take one picture a day of my yard or neighborhood all throughout March. Although my picture-taking skills could never capture the joy I feel about Spring, maybe you'll get an idea of my excitement if you see the progression. So keep an eye out for my March experiment.

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