Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heigh-ho, Heigh-Ho

Plows have gone through (more or less) and I am off to work again. Now I have to make up for my missing two days; however, I REFUSE TO GO TO WORK ON MONDAY!!!!
I am a staunch believer in the fact that you should do absolutely nothing on your birthday other than what you enjoy doing. I don't actually mind work, per se, but I hate driving to work and then driving home from work, especially in Central Illinois.
So, Thirty! I guarantee that I am fine.
Before I am thirty-one I want to:
-Stop saying "Yeah" or "No problem" when people say "thank you." I hear it and hate it.
-Stop saying "Huh" instead of "pardon" or "excuse me." See above.
-Get Girl and Boy to do the same.
-Sleep once in a while
-Go somewhere fun with Mr. H. and the kids. The kids keep asking about Disney World, but that is wicked expensive, and how could I go to Orlando and not take my nature boy to Sea World or Busch Gardens?

On a totally seperate note, I spent yesterday evening doing valentines for my kids' make-up parties. Mr. Hobbitfeet put Girl's in her cubby at daycare and someone took them. So she was crying at home because she didn't have Valentines to give to her friends. Who steals 15 Care Bear Valentines with Willy Wonka candy taped to the back that say "From, Girl" from a freaking preschool room at a daycare? Whoever you are, I'm going to get you, and you WILL apologize to my daughter for making her cry, and then to me because I didn't write "From, Girl" fifteen times and then tape a thing of Willy Wonka candy to each and every card so she could come home and cry!
I really do know that most likely a teacher or someone threw them out, but that sucks too.

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