Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Raindrops on Roses: A Valentine's Day Post

I love (in no particular order):
YCuddling with my kids
Y Dancing with the kids in the living room
Y Reading books, to myself or to my kids
Y Playing games
Y Beating Mr. Hobbitfeet at games (he's so competitive)
Y Family parties
Y Hiding at home
Y Sledding
Y Swimming in the ocean
Y Swimming anywhere
Y Campfires
Y My deck
Y George Washington
Y A night off
Y Ice on trees
Y Girl's laugh
Y Boy's science facts
Y Mr. Hobbitfeet doing the dishes
Y My cozy house
Y Friends calling out of nowhere
Y Spring
Y Nature hikes
Y Sleeping in
Y My kids
Y My husband
Y My sisters
Y My nieces and nephews
Y my parents
Y my in-laws
Y potatoes
Y monkeys