Monday, February 5, 2007

Party Hats and Minivans

I spent most of January moaning about the warm weather and blaming the ignorance/arrogance of mankind because of what they were doing to the environment. Basically I was having heart palpitations about global warming and worrying whether my children or their children would have to live in a Mad Max/Tank Girl world.
So, knowing how much I was begging for it, Mother Nature decided to FREEZE MY ASS OFF!!!
Now I am cursing the morons who remodeled my house (before we bought it) and decided that the biggest room in the house (and the room we spend the most time in) shouldn't have heating vents. They were lazy I guess; the family room used to be an attached garage and it was just easier or something. My father in-law says it's no problem and suggested these things that go into the wall, too bad the previous owners sealed off the attic.
So the house is cold, really really.

I also wanted to talk about minivan moms. Not only are minivans/SUVs a great deal of the global warming problem but they are really just evil. My town has free bus service for the schools. I am sure I mentioned it before but they only allow your child to ride one bus route. Boy needs to go to daycare three days a week when I am at work, so the other two days a week, I have to pick him up. If this wasn't the rule, he'd take the bus. Today's cold weather brought out all the minivan moms who didn't want their kids to ride the bus in the cold.

How freaking annoying. First of all the buses aren't cold. Secondly these moms who never pick their kids up have no concept of the pick up rules and think they're so entitled because their kid is cold. So they butt into line, cutting the rule-following parents off, and making the whole process more dangerous for all involved. Not to mention my son is just as cold as your stupid kid. Sorry, I take that back, because I both looked at the calendar and the weather report and didn't let my kid come to school in shorts.
That's right, shorts, in the middle of January at -1 degree there is a kid in shorts. Standing outside waiting for his minivan mom who was right in front of me having come down the street only meant for buses and completely ignoring the fact that she had a stop sign and I didn't.

Now I am very aware of the hypocrisy, having just bitched and moaned about unwanted advice and not knowing this minivan mom's situation. Maybe her kid snuck out of the house in his shorts. Maybe her husband was in some life or death situation and she had to hurry up, pick up her kid, and rush to his death bed. Honestly though, I think she just felt like she was more important than me or the other people that had pulled on to the pick-up street where we were supposed to. You see she's really important; you can tell because her car is really big.

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La Sirena said...

Minivans are tangible evidence of evil.

I was also having global warming panic attacks. (I wrote mine before I read yours.)