Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slip Sliding Away (or An Exercise in Futility)

It has stopped freezing raining/sleeting/sort of snowing and started actually snowing, that is if you consider tiny ice pellets falling from the sky snow. It does look like snow though; so that's what we'll call it.
Mr. Hobbitfeet's work let out early to allow the workers a chance to actually make it home. See we're not in Chicago where hundreds of plows stand at the ready at the first sign of flakes to make it look like no snow ever hit the streets. There is one maybe two plows here that will keep the main roads relatively clear and get to the lesser roads once the storm goes away, which in this case is reportedly Thursday.

His big ole' car couldn't make it up our hill. So he is trying to clear off the ice with a shovel. I wish him good luck with that.


Less than four hours later:


Mr. H. would like me to say that I am wrong and it wasn't at all an exercise in futility because he got his car in the driveway.

I say if it helps him to believe that. . .

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Pelmo said...

Several bags of sand for first photo.
A snow fence for the second photo.
A long handled scraper also comes in handy many times, especially for ice on driveway better then a shovel.