Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I know...

...that it is April, but I wanted to add one last group of pictures to my March pictures project
My first dogwood has bloomed!

I've been meaning to take a picture of it, then ended up doing it right before a thunderstorm.

The other day Mr. Hobbitfeet got up on the garage roof to investigate a leak. We lost three tiles at the peak during the winter. Mr. H. was very scared on the roof, and wouldn't walk like a normal person, but scooted on his butt as you see him here. Next time he says that I'll be the one on the roof if I think it's so funny. Little does he know that I used to go up on the roof as a child and "help" my dad. Also, I used to sit on the roof of the back porch of m Dad's in Bridgeport and listen to concerts at Comiskey Park (bite me U.S. Cellular), or just sunbathe. So BRING IT ON!!!!

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