Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh Yeah, And. . .

I haven't done this in forever because I've bee non an angst-ridden-mom trip, and that's all that I have been blogging about, but if you've never seen SLiTHER, I highly recommend it.

Normally, I don't allow myself to watch horror movies. I get very scared, even at the most ridiculous ones, and find myself thinking of the scariest parts just when I'm supposed to sleep. Also, on normal days, I have dreams that cause me to jump out of my bed, and run down the hall or turn on a light (I don't know why, I never remember the dreams, but it annoys Mr. Hobbitfeet because it wakes him up). When I watch scary movies, it's worse.

Anyhow, I love Nathan Fillion , and James Gunn's Myspace blog cracks me up, so I made myself watch it, in the daytime. . .when I was supposed to be cleaning for Boy's party. I thought that would be the best time, because I thought that if I got scared, I could just say "Shit, I can't watch this movie, I've got to clean" and turn it off.

But I watched every second. It was hilarious (if you think that zombies are funny). I even gave a full recap to Mr. H., then I made him watch my favorite part (little kid zombies) even though he showed no interest. Then since he wouldn't watch it (and I have a rule about not keeping my Netflix too long) I bought a previously viewed copy., because I must own all of the movies I like.

Seriously it's a good movie. Watch it.

Netflix just sent me Tromeo and Juliet. I'll let you know if I love James Gunn as much as I love Joss Whedon. I know your breath is bated.

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Parisian Cowboy said...

I discovered your blog today. You are so lucky to live far from the city's agitation. I admire this way of life.