Thursday, May 31, 2007


Isn't a big fat raise and a move from part to full time supposed to mean more money?
Aren't three year olds who have been potty trained for a year without any accidents supposed to not have accidents?
Why do our cars always break down the second we have two pennies to rub together?
Why do parents dump their ten-year-olds off at the pool alone?
When will I get used to full-time?
How do people work full-time, have families, sleep, and keep their houses clean?


Jane said...

Ah, grasshopper, these are the large questions of life!

La Sirena said...

1. Yes -- for the IRS.

2. There is a reason they are called "accidents".

3. It's one of the mysteries of the Universe. If you want to take an optimistic approach, you could imagine that your car WAITS to break down until you have the money.

4. I babysat at 10 and there are lifeguards at the pool. I guess it depends on the kid.

5. Never ever.

6. Usually you let the house get messy or you sleep less than you should.

Woodlandmama said...

Yes Mom, but what are the answers?

Ah, Sirena but should you have babysat at ten? Think back to when Donovan was a wee pup, would you have wanted a ten-year-old to watch him? "You can be the duck!"