Saturday, June 16, 2007

Eff Windows Vista!

A short while back I bought a laptop because I was sick of battling my husband for computer time. What I really wanted was a Mac but couldn't afford it and ended up with a sad little PC. It is okay, but for some reason it is really, REALLY gigantic. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the dimensions when I bought it but damn, it's huge. I didn't order my laptop case from the company that I bought the laptop from because they wanted more than $60 for it, but when I went to buy my own I had to look FOREVER to find one that would hold this massive thing. I did though, for $14 and it's purple!
Anyhow this computer has Windows Vista and I hate, hate HATE it. I either leave the user controls on and get asked if I'm sure that I want to run every program I've double clicked, or I disable them and am constantly told that they are disabled. Also it ALWAYS has difficulties connecting to the Internet. Cripes. This morning it decided that my third party firewall shouldn't get to be my firewall and wouldn't let me connect to the Internet until I disabled it and enabled the windows firewall. Eff you bastards!!!!!

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Jane said... are just way ahead of the curve. Learn it & you will be able to teach me.