Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I haven't gone to see my Sitemeter stats in awhile, so I thought I should pay them a visit; and, whooo-doogie, I am popping up on some weird searches.

The two that bring people to me the most are people trying to make ant costumes and those trying to make a Dorothy dress. So I thought I'd give tips.

I made Boy's ant costume like this: I took a piece of black fabric wrapped it around my son to size it, than sewed it in a big tube. Then I took red fabric and made a rectangle on the front and sewed red and black fabric into what I imagine an ant's body looked like. Finally I added ribbon to keep the whole thing up. The head was harder. I took a baseball cap, clear packing tape, and craft wire and messed around until it resembled an ant head and didn't poke Boy too much. Then I hot glued red fabric with black accents and feelers and voila!
I just bought a pattern at Walmart for the Dorothy dress. The main thing that I think made her dress look cool is that I found gingham with little squares instead of big ones because that's what Judy Garland has in the movie.

5 Jungle pants: I don't know what jungle pants are, or why you want 5, but good luck with your endeavors.

Don't Dress Your Cat in an Apron- A while back I quoted this poem and my mom and sister followed up with some other gibberish. I've been getting weekly hits on it ever since. I learned it from Free to Be You and Me when I was little. My sisters and I listened to the record endlessly and then watched the movie, and you can too! Just be warned that the cat in the apron is only on the cd and in the book.

Swirly, Whirly Jungle Pants, Psych- Boy would be pleased to see that I am the #1 result for this search, (even if he doesn't say it any more because he rewatched the episode and now says "sandpaper with banana patches!"

Deep seated or Deep Seeded- Clearly I'm not the only one with this issue I get hit monthly because of it.

Turkey Lurkey Karaoke- Yeah, uh-huh.

Happy Birthday Weirdo- Well thanks, but you're about a month off.

what does an over abundance of falling acorns mean- A) that you have too many oak trees or B) you're at my house

trees are my best friends easy- seriously, are you just randomly typing words into Google?

Pictures of the Insane- Well that's just wrong, it's not a side show.

pictures of monkeys in bathing suits- Wonder Monkey likes those pictures too, cause she's a cheeky monkey!

dum (sic) monkey that fall out of trees film-Tarzan is always making fun of poor Cheetah

and my personal favorite- Freaky Santa Photo!!!!!- Awesome!


Meander said...

Wow! There are some strange people out there!

La Sirena said...

Mine from today are "imagini sirene" and "anaconda fangs".