Monday, January 14, 2008

Report Cards and Margaritas

Boy got his report card and for the most part he did well; however, (dum-dum-dum-duhhhhh), he got a "C" in Reading (which was his first "C" ever not counting penmanship in first grade, which I don't). Apparently he is extremely disorganized and leaves stuff in his homeroom when they switch classes, and his teacher has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to homework. That means when she collects it, you need to hand it in immediately and have it completed or it's a zero. Personally I think that's a bit much for 5th grade. I agree not doing it would suck but it seems Boy's problem is mostly that he forgets to bring it to class. I think she should let him run and get it and bring it right back, but whatever. Also, he gets pulled out of Reading to go to band on Tuesdays and Thursdays and doesn't always finish what he's working on in his free time. That is his fault. So my new job is getting him organized and doing his make-up work. Poor pumpkin, being pulled out for G.E. (gifted education) and Band must make it tough to catch up, I wish the school had a better system.
In other news, my mom had the kids on Saturday, mostly so Mr. Hobbitfeet could catch up on his "Life-Portfolio" for school so that he can get life-points as credits and finish in normal time. After this semester, he will have met all his requirements for his major, but since he was a transfer student, he doesn't have enough upper-level class credits to graduate. If he does his portfolio right, he may get enough of these to finish, if not, he'll have to take a bunch of electives to get enough credit. So we're hoping he gets it right.
I mostly just cleaned this weekend; however, Mr. H. and I did go out for dinner, and I got the monster margarita you see in the picture in my last post. It doesn't necessarily come across in the picture, but it was HUGE, about as big as a salad bowl and fit about three or four regular margaritas. It was also muy fuerte y era una poca borracha by the time we left. Honestly I had no idea it would be that large because it's a new restaurant. Mr. Hobbitfeet only had a sip or two, choosing to stay sober so he could drive us home and work some more on his portfolio. He's very responsible.

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